Interpol – St. Petersburg – 110514

I can’t remember the moment when I fell in love with Interpol, but I do remember the song:””Untitled.” It’s hypnotic, soothing, poetic and melodic. In the band’s Spotify Sessions EP from February 2015, they talk about the origins and uniqueness of the song.

“It’s not an obvious approach to how you address that song as a musician,” said Paul Banks. “That song is what it is because of what the rhythm section does once it drops. It’s like, oh, wow, that’s so different.”

Daniel Kessler said that the song was their opener to set the tone for all of the New York shows before they recorded their first album. He said it was a “no-brainer” to make it the first song on the album, but it “would’ve felt weird to actually give it a proper title.”

“Untitled” is just one of so, so many Interpol songs I can listen to looped for hours. Although, years later, my #1 favorite is still “Rest My Chemistry” – which the band hasn’t play live in years. As expected, they didn’t make my dream come true and play it at the November 5th show in St. Petersburg, Florida, but still, I’d drop everything for a chance to go to an Interpol show any day.

This was our first time seeing Interpol at their own show, and our second time ever seeing the band. After our first Interpol show at Governors Ball 2014 in NYC, we swore to follow the band on tour for their new album. We couldn’t get enough.

Their show proved to us, once again, that Interpol has the same emotion as a band that they’ve had from the beginning, despite the departure of Carlos D. The dark romanticism was back. The first half of the show was a collection of the “best of” mostly from the “Turn on the Bright Lights” and “Antics” albums. “El Pintor” was on display for the second half, along with a killer video background that put you in another world as it twisted and swirled through images. Neither Paul, Daniel, or Sam said much during the show – lots of “thank yous,” waves, and little grins instead.

Interpol has been playing shows with new pseudo-members Brandon Curtis on keyboards and Brad Truax on bass. Let’s talk about Brad. This guy seems like a natural fit. On stage, his stance never wavers – legs lunged forward, head down, hair in his face – but he embraces the band’s romanticism with how he handles the bass (check out the photos).

Hundred Waters opened the night. Although the band falls in line with the moody Interpol crowd, each song sounded like the previous one; I couldn’t tell when one ended and another began. Then, all of a sudden, during their last song, they showed all kinds of energy and intensity. And it got weirder when lead vocalist Nicole Miglis brought out the flute. Yes, a flute.

On a side note, the venue, Jannus Live, is a perfect outdoor venue for a show on a warm Florida winter night. It’s essentially a courtyard surrounded by restaurants and bars with apartments above, so the sound pings and amplifies off the buildings. You can see and hear from any spot in the crowd.

Interpol 110514 @ 10 p.m.

Jannus Live, St. Petersburg, Florida

Set list included:

  • My Desire
  • All the Rage Back Home
  • Everything is Wrong
  • Same Town, New Story
  • Breaker 1
  • Slow Hands
  • Evil
  • Say Hello to the Angels
  • Stella was a diver and she was always down
  • NYC
  • PDA

The End.


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