The Strokes – Tampa – 050915

Round 2 of seeing The Strokes live. Two times in two days; we’re making history.

To get up front, we stood our ground for 3 hours, alongside high school girls taking their first puff of cigarettes and patiently sitting tight on the concrete, waiting for each band in the Ampitheater. We were surprised so many people showed up to see Hozier on the same stage, then but cleared out to see The Pixies. I can’t blamed them, but hey. we’re talking about The Strokes here. Julian. Nikolai. Albert. Nick. Fabrizio. Come on.

We met our dobbleganger super-fans – Estevan and Hazel – who drove in from Orlando. They love ALL THE SAME BANDS that we do. Bonus: They are also as willing as we are to stand around for hours waiting for a 90-minute show. Yay for new friends!

Our wait paid off! We were only 4 people deep into the crowd. The guys walked out one at a time, Julian at the tail end. The energy was intense. I underestimated just how excited Tampa would be for the show. There weren’t 30K fans like in Atlanta, but the screaming and jumping were genuine.

The Strokes played the same set as the nite before, and it was every bit as awesome.

The Strokes 050915 @ 9:30 p.m.

Big Guava Festival, Florida State Fairgrounds, Tampa, Florida

Set List:

  1. Reptilia
  2. Welcome to Japan
  3. Barely Legal
  4. Automatic Stop
  5. You Only Live Once
  6. All the Time
  7. Machu Picchu
  8. You Talk Way Too Much
  9. One Way Trigger
  10. Heart in a Cage
  11. Someday
  12. Vision of Division
  13. Taken For a Fool
  14. Under Control
  15. Last Nite
  16. Take It or Leave It
  17. Under Cover of Darkness
  18. Is This It
  19. Hard to Explain
  20. New York City Cops

The End.


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